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Staff information

Medefer as an employer collects and holds information about you including your name, address, date of birth, contact details, National Insurance number, offences (including alleged offences) which has been collected as part of your pre-employment references checks.


Information relating to your religious or other beliefs of a similar nature, physical/mental health condition, sexual life (if provided as part of the declaration for equal opportunities). The information you provide is kept completely confidential and whilst you do not have to provide this information it is used to enable the company to better understand the profile of the workforce and to ensure its needs are adequately addressed.  This information is collected as the company has a legal obligation under the Equality Act 2010.


Why does Medefer collect information about me?

Information is collected and held by Medefer is to enable the company to pay you and to fulfil its various legal duties as an employer.


Medefer also collects your information for recruitment purposes, this happens when you apply for roles advertised on our website.

The information that you provide us with during recruitment process, which include: your CV, email address and contact phone number will only be held by Medefer for no longer than it is necessary for recruitment purposes, and no longer than 6 months from the date the job application is made.


Keeping your information up to date

Staff are required to ensure the company is kept informed of any changes to their personal details e.g. name change, home address, emergency contact details, etc. 


To ensure the company has up to date information, every year each member of staff will be provided with a copy of the personal data held by the company about them to confirm its accuracy.


Storage of your information

Information collected about you is stored on Company’s HR systems, currently:

  • System used internally ‘Secure’ - Medefer Platform
  • Company Cloud based Office suit provider - Microsoft 365
  • Payroll system - Sage
  • Clinical Staff Recruitment and On-boarding tool - Credentially
  • E-learning Training system - Blue Stream
  • HR Staff Management system - Bright HR
  • Training & Development system – Learnerbly 
  • Recruitment system – Team Tailor
  • Staff engagement survey – Office Vibe
  • Workforce pension scheme - Nest
  • Qualtrics - to gather feedback and opinions from employees, contractors, advisors and otherwise. For these purposes we may use your name, email address, phone number, IP address, and system configuration to facilitate and validate the authenticity of collected responses.



Medefer will use third party companies to support the recruitment, retention and management of staff e.g. Learnerbly and Teamtailor.


Medefer will store and hold the following information:

  • Details about you and your employment at the company
    • e.g. start date, professional registrations, next of kin details, and qualifications where applicable.
  • Payroll details to make payments, tax and National Insurance contributions, pension contributions.
  • Employment references.
  • Details of your training and appraisals.
  • Details of the day-to-day management of your employment
    • e.g. timesheets, annual leave requests, training requests etc.
  • For clinical staff in addition to the above we will also store Medical qualifications, to ensure that Medefer has a copy of validated documents. These are only visible to yourself and staff who have restricted rights to view this information for validation purposes.

Medefer invest in employee’s professional development and Learnable helps with this. 

The platforms offer number of resources that can be accessed by an employee. 

In order to access the platform Learnerbly will collect your name and work email address and a job title. 

These details will be removed from the platform by Medefer once the employee end their employment with Medefer, or sooner if Medefer will stop using Lernerbly platform for any reason.


International data transfers 

Below is a list of where Medefer is sending your information overseas: 

  • Country: Canada
    • Reason:
      • To collect and analyse feedback provided on a survey by employees
    • Technical and Organisational Measures in place:
      • Secure end-to-end encrypted connections 
      • Privacy Shield for overseas transfer
      • Canada has been recognised by the European Commission as a country that provides adequate data protection
  • Country: USA
    • Reason:
      • To process call recordings
    • Technical and Organisation Measures in place:
      • Secure end-to-end encrypted connections
      • Privacy Shield for overseas transfer
      • Only temporary disclosure for up to 10 minutes before being sent to server in EEA

Medefer does not store or process any other information about you outside of the EU/EEA, all information is held in encrypted and secure data centres in the EU/EEA.


Retention of your information

Medefer will keep a copy of your personnel record for seven years after you have left the Company.

Sharing your information

To manage your employment and pay, we will share information with the HMRC, Pension company (NEST) and any other bodies where we have a legal requirement to do so e.g. court order.

We may be requested by some companies to provide information about your employment e.g. mortgage company, employment references (1), property rental companies, home office. Where this is the case information will only be shared with your consent unless required by the law.

Protecting your information

The company will keep your information secure at all times and will ensure only individuals who have a need to know are able to access your information.

Your Rights

Under the Data Protection Act 2018 (GDPR), organisations who collect your information:

  • Should be open about why they are collecting it
  • Should only use it in a reasonable way that you would expect; and
  • Shouldn’t use it in a way that is unfair to you.

You also have rights over your information including the right to:

  • Obtain a copy of the data held about you in any “relevant filing system”
  • Have factually incorrect information about you corrected
  • Have your information kept secure.

Obtaining copies of information

If you would like to know what information the company holds about you or obtain a copy of the information held, you should write to the Once a request for information has been received by the company there is a legal obligation to provide copies of information within a calendar month.

There is no legal right to information held in an unstructured format e.g. copies of emails and some manual records. The company may refuse requests of this nature however it will endeavour to provide you with information wherever possible. Requests of this nature can take longer to respond to and incur a fee.

Further information

If you wish to obtain further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Human Resources Department by email to

This Privacy Notice was last updated 23/08/2021


(1) Medefer will only provide a factual reference relating to your employment e.g. dates of employment.



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